Love & Other Drugs (2010)

love and other drugs


So I was browsing the Wikipedia and IMDb pages for Love & Other Drugs to jog my memory before writing this review, and was surprised at how much space is dedicated to the discussion of the nudity in this film. I don’t remember the nudity at all. Granted it’s been several weeks since we watched the movie, but I honestly have no memory of Anne Hathaway’s breasts or Jake Gyllenhaal’s butt. Of course, my college degree did require several life drawing classes (that’s where you draw nude models for two hours a day, twice a week for an entire semester), so naked bodies in movies rarely register for me. Continue reading

Lockout (2012)

lockout IMDb

At this point in the blog I’m 30+ reviews behind what we’re currently watching. This isn’t usually a problem. Most of the movies we watch are memorable in some way, so I don’t have trouble recalling what I liked or disliked about them by the time I get around to writing a review. But every once in awhile I come across a movie like Lockout, something so generic that I can hardly remember who was in it, let alone plot details, setting, dialogue… This is really just a forgettable film no matter how you slice it. Continue reading