Home Alone (1990)

home alone IMDb

OK, so even I saw this movie as a kid. I might not be as well versed in Home Alone as most of my friends, but I saw it roughly when it was released. I take some pride in that, given how many kids’ classics I haven’t seen or am just now seeing for the first time. Then again, this is such a silly movie… maybe I should be embarrassed about that. Continue reading

Inkheart (2008)

inkheart IMDb

This is a film that I really enjoyed the concept of, but on screen it left me wanting more. The idea that there could be people that anything they read came to life is intriguing. I imagine there would be all kinds of legal and copyright issues if you brought to life all of the things I imagined, the movie does not touch enough of that though. Continue reading

How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

how to train your dragon IMDb

How to Train Your Dragon is the kind of animated film that makes me sorry I’m such an animation snob. If it’s not Pixar I probably won’t see it in theaters. If it’s Disney I might, only because they’ve once again proven themselves as a studio worth my time and money in recent years. But for some reason I still find it easy to ignore Dreamworks, despite some great movies coming from them over the past decade plus. Continue reading