My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006)


I am about to write my review for Mystery Men, and I have a feeling it will be something similar to this review. My Super Ex-Girlfriend has everything going for it. A cool cast, one of the best comedy directors going and an original story. This should have been easy to make an entertaining film given the people involved, but the movie is nowhere near as good as it should be. My Super Ex-Girlfriend ends up being decidedly ordinary, which is a real shame because it could have been really great.

The movie attempts to tell the story of a female superhero, G-Girl (Uma Thurman), and her reaction to being dumped after falling for a regular citizen named Matt (Luke Wilson). He woos G-Girl’s mousy alter ego Jenny Johnson during a train ride home and thinks he has hit the jackpot, but soon realises she is a needy control freak and breaks up with her. G-Girl sets out to make Matt’s life miserable, something that is very easy for her to do given that she can fly and has super strength. When G-Girl’s arch enemy, Professor Bedlam (Eddie Izzard), gets wind of G-Girl and her jealousy, he tries to make a deal with Matt to get her out of his hair forever.

Like I said, given the people involved in this film, it should be a lot better. Director Ivan Reitman has made some of the most iconic comedies of all time, such as Ghostbusters and Twins. I really loved the idea of what a superhero would do while dating. We always see these larger than life heroes saving the day, but it was interesting to think what they’d be like doing mundane things like dating. The cast is also great. Outside of Thurman and Wilson, the supporting cast is really solid. Veteran comedic actors like Anna Faris, Rainn Wilson, and Eddie Izzard should have helped this movie be great. It is such a disappointment that what ends up on screen is just so average.

It is not to say this film doesn’t have its moments. Seeing a recently dumped G-Girl get her revenge on Matt is quite amusing. The biggest problem is that it should be great. My Super Ex-Girlfriend feels like it has wasted a great idea by producing something not much more than mediocre. There is also the problem of sexism disguised as female empowerment. When G-Girl gets dumped she becomes every female cliché in the book. While it is somewhat believable that she would behave like all girls, there is a bit of a stereotypical feel to the way she behaves. I’d have preferred G-Girl to be a bit of a stronger female character and not the dysfunctional stereotype she becomes after getting dumped.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend wastes a fresh idea and an above average cast and director by producing something decidedly average. When I watch this film, there is definitely a reoccurring ‘what could have been’ theme littered throughout. Which is a real shame.

Rating: C-

My Super Ex-Girlfriend is terrible. It takes a promising premise- a man unsuspectingly begins dating a superhero- and turns it into sexist drivel. Everyone involved is above these tired stereotypes.

The “crazy ex-girlfriend” cliche is so overdone at this point, and adding the superhero layer doesn’t help. Uma Thurman plays the titular ex-girlfriend, Jenny Johnson who just happens to be the superhero G-Girl in her off time. After being dumped by her new beau (Luke Wilson), G-Girl uses her powers to make his life miserable. She publicly embarrasses and gets him fired from his job. She damages his property. She even tosses a live great white shark  into bed with him and his new girlfriend. And all of this is treated as humorous, because ruining someones life and viciously attacking them just because they don’t like you is so funny!!!!!! lol

This movie does a huge disservice to its entire cast. Everyone plays a stereotype, but no one is given anything new or exciting to do to flip these cliches on their head. Thurman is a crazy psycho; Anna Faris is a passive woman who only springs to action to fight for a man; Eddie Izzard is the “nice guy” who feels entitled to Jenny/G-Girl’s love because he was her friend first; and Wilson is your generic male lead. No one comes off looking that good, and everyone seems bored.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend is nothing new. It has all the cliches of the worst kind of rom-com, with a superhero angle that adds very little to the plot.

Rating: F

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