Double Impact (1991)

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This is the best version of The Parent Trap I have ever seen. Jean Claude Van Damme plays twins separated at birth who are reunited to avenge their parents’ death. OK, not exactly like the Haley Mills/Lindsey Lohan movies, but Van Damme plays two parts. TWO PARTS, GUYS!

Double Impact is actually not a horrible movie to watch. It was miles better than Death Warrant, and more polished than Bloodsport. It has many scenes that are actually meant to be funny, and succeed in being so. Plus, Van Damme wears some awesome pastel getups as “nice” twin Chad.

On the negative, “mean” twin Alex is a real asshole. He throws around gay slurs as casually as he punches bad guys, and has misplaced jealousy issues. This of course leads to a drunken fantasy involving a lot of gratuitous nudity. It’s actually one of the weirder sex scenes I’ve ever watched. Also, Chad and Alex are supposed to be 25, but they look at least 40.

But again, Van Damme plays two parts.

Rating: C

Double Impact is a fun action movie with an interesting twist. It is clearly a late 80s/early 90s film. The fashion and music featured in this film perfectly represent that era.

Jean Claude Van Damme plays two twin brothers, separated at birth, who only become aware the other exists as adults. They set out to get revenge on the villains that murdered their parents 25 years earlier. The brothers could not be more different. Chad has lived a privileged life in Los Angeles with his parents’ former bodyguard (Geoffrey Lewis), while his brother Alex grew up on the streets of China after being dropped off at an orphanage by the family maid. These two personalities are so different, and Van Damme is good at both. He is a very attractive man and it is funny seeing him completely objectified in skin tight lycra while he works as an instructor in an LA gym. He shows good comedic timing and some killer moves throughout the film. This is one of his better performances, a hundred times better than a film we recently watched, Death Warrant.

The lead villains (Philip Chan and Alan Scarfe) are generic and not memorable, except for Bolo Yeung. Yeung also played the main nemesis in Bloodsport, and shows up again as a thug in China. He has another great fight with Van Damme at the end of the film. It is not as brilliant as their fights in Bloodsport, but it is still better than most.

Van Damme is a charismatic man who easily carries this film. It has good action, despite an unmemorable villain, and puts an interesting twist on the standard revenge storyline by having a set of twins hunt down their parent’s killers after just discovering each other existed. It is an entertaining film, and definitely one of Van Damme’s best. I enjoyed the 80s fashion. It is laughable now, but I feel like even back then, Van Damme knew he looked comical and runs with it whenever he can.

Rating: C+

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