Beavis and Butt-Head Do America (1996)

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I’ve seen exactly one episode of this TV show, and hated it. It’s stupid, and not in a “it’s so stupid it’s funny way.” I had hoped that maybe, just maybe, I might like this now only because Mike Judge is also the creator of one of my all time favorite cartoons, King of the Hill. Now, if they made a movie about the Hills, I’d be all over that, I tell you what.

But this… no. Make it stop. Eighty one minutes is too long.

The only aspect of this movie I enjoyed was Robert Stack. He was a fixture of my childhood as the host of Unsolved Mysteries, a show my mom rather irresponsibly let my sister and I watch when we were young. Just hearing his voice brings back memories of lying in bed at night scared out of my mind imagining ghosts and aliens under my bed (the murderers didn’t bother me), because clearly I was too young to handle this show. Yet I loved it, and looked forward to being frightened every week.  The irresponsibility came in the form of our mom scaring us even more by making us close the living room curtains at night. This was a scary chore, as we lived in a rural area with no street lights. When the lights were on in the house, you couldn’t see anything but blackness out the windows, but knew people could look in and see you. Mom would ask us to close the curtains and unhelpfully add, “Make sure you cover all the ‘alien holes.’ We don’t want them peeking in on us while we watch Unsolved Mysteries!”

Thanks, Mom.

Rating: F for the movie, A for the Robert Stack memories.

This film came out when Beavis and Butt-Head were the only show to watch on MTV. They were controversial at the time because it was an animated show that clearly was not for kids. This was before the days of South Park so to have an animated tv show not suitable for all ages was unheard of. I remember sneaking a few episodes of this show when I was very young and loving it. It is incredibly juvenile humour, but I liked it because I wasn’t supposed to be seeing it. When Beavis and Butt-Head got a feature film and I was now old enough to see, I ran out to watch this film and loved it.

This film has not aged well, or perhaps I’ve just grown up too much. Either way, the film was not as entertaining as it was when I was 14. I think adult animation has left these two horny teenagers behind. This show was at one time the most controversial show on television. Nowadays, it is tamer than an episode of Family Guy. When South Park became popular, it really made this show obsolete.

The plot of this film is simple: Beavis and Butt-Head’s TV gets stolen so they venture out to find it and end up getting mixed up with a husband and wife (Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) criminal team. Antics ensue.

I found myself chuckling every now and then, but not as often as I did in my teens. There are some funny moments, particularly when Beavis gets a sugar high and turns into his alter ego, Cornholio. Other than that, I’d recommend you go and watch the South Park movie.

Rating: D+

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