The Animal (2001)


Yet another movie on the ‘why do I own this’ list. This movie is pretty bad, it makes Deuce Bigalow look like Citizen Kane. The female lead is a former contestant on Survivor, so that should give you some idea of the quality of this movie.

Rob Schneider is a loser evidence handler at his local police station, who just wants to be a cop like his deceased father. Unfortunately, he always falls at the last hurdle when he has to complete an obstacle course and never passes, despite numerous attempts. This all changes after a car accident. He is found by the side of the road and put back together using animal parts by a mad doctor (Michael Caton). After this, Schneider starts exhibiting animal traits such as a strong sense of smell and becoming really fast. He uses the new found powers to join the police force and save the day.

This movie is not that funny. There are some chuckles to be had seeing Schneider adapt to his newly acquired animal traits. There’s some low brow humour involving a goat in heat that is mildly amusing, but other than that there is not much to write about here. The film is silly with plenty of low brow comedy and is probably what you’d expect from Rob Schneider. It’s not my cup of tea though.

Rating: D-

Wow, this movie is terrible. It’s strange to think that there was a time when Rob Schneider was considered a movie star and appearing on Survivor was a legitimate way to break into film. Hopefully we are all older and wiser, and will never let this happen again.

This is a really bad knock off of Ace Ventura, with a dash of Frankenstein’s monster thrown in. The “humor” is crude, unless you enjoy bestiality jokes, in which case it might be sharp and witty? I really don’t know. I can’t imagine a person who would actually like this movie.

Rating: F-  (I wanted to give this a Z, but Ben says the ratings stop at F.)

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