Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy


This film is hilarious. It’s the perfect combination of absurdity and comedy. It never takes itself too seriously, and the movie thrives on this way of thinking. The version I have on DVD is the uncut release. It includes some very funny scenes that I’m surprised didn’t make the final cut. There is one in particular where nightclub owner Fred Armison makes Ron (Will Ferrell) eat cat poop. It’s such a random scene, but it fits well with the tone of the movie. I wish it had made the final cut, but I guess that’s why they have uncut DVD releases.

This is definitely Will Ferrell’s show. He embodies the sexist and egotistical Ron Burgundy so much, you’d nearly believe he was a real person. This was on display during the promotional tour for the recently released sequel. Ferrell did many interviews and appearances in character and he still had that charisma over ten years after the original’s release.

The plot is very basic, it’s really just an excuse to let Ferrell and his costars run wild for 90 minutes. Ron is a newsreader in the 70s who can’t deal with the fact a female (Christina Applegate) has been asked to read the news with him.

Ferrell is ably supported by his costars in this picture. David Koechner, Paul Rudd and Steve Carell play the other members of Ron’s news team. They’re all clearly having a ball, especially Carell as the mentally not all there Brick Tamlin. This film put him on the map and more than likely opened the door to his casting in the US version of The Office.

Anchorman is one of the best comedies of the past decade. Will Ferrell is the perfect guy to play the alcoholic womaniser, Ron Burgundy. This is probably his most memorable role, and with good reason. He’s hilarious, as is his supporting cast. Also, keep your eye out for some great cameos throughout the film. There are plenty.

Rating: A-

I’m not going to lie– this movie is kind of a big deal.

I avoided Anchorman when it came out. It just didn’t look that funny to me at the time, and after sitting through some pretty ordinary Will Farrell comedies over the years I was in no hurry to get the DVD. Finally at my sister’s insistence I moved it to the top of my Netflix queue… and proceeded to watch it two days in a row. It was way funnier than I thought, and also a lot smarter.

Anchorman is a actually a pretty good study of gender dynamics in the workplace, albeit a very unserious one. Ron Burgundy and his team of macho cohorts must adjust to the introduction of female anchor Veronica Corningstone in their boys club newsroom. Things do not go well at first, with the men trying their hardest to make Corningstone look ridiculous and want to quit her job. It’s hilarious to think that a female reading the news would be such a threat to men in the 70s, but much of what’s depicted here is relevant to women in the workplace today: Sexual harassment is still common; Women often have to work twice as hard to prove their worth in male dominated industries; A woman who sleeps with a male coworker is more likely to suffer negative consequences than the man involved.

In the end, Burgundy & Co. eventually come around and see that Corningstone is an asset to the team. The world did not end because a woman is put in a position of authority. Both sexes can coexist happily in the workplace. The people of San Diego have room in their hearts for both of them, and they can live happily ever after as a successful husband and wife news reading team.

The comedy in Anchorman is the perfect blend of wit and stupidity. Yes, you are often laughing because something is just so dumb it’s funny, but just as often the jokes a razor sharp and rather smart. I also appreciate that this film steers away from gross out comedy, especially after sitting through four slices of American Pie. Way to stay classy, Ron Burgundy.

Rating: A

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