American Wedding (2003)


While this is an improvement on the second installment, it still doesn’t reach the heights of the original American Pie film. The characters are no longer fresh and original like they were in the first one. There’s still fun to be had here: Stifler is still able to create laughs with his antics. A dance off in a gay bar being one of the highlights; Jim’s bachelor party is fun too.

As the title suggests, this film chronicles the wedding of Jim (Jason Biggs) and Michelle (Alyson Hannigan). There are some aspects that are really hard to believe here, like how Jim is only just meeting Michelle’s parents. They’d been dating for three years, I find it unlikely that he’d have not been introduced to her parents at least once.

As in previous instalments, Seann William Scott is front and centre as the douche Steve Stifler. He is as uncouth as he’s always been, but it’s a surprise he’s around so much. The rest of the cast make no secret of the fact they don’t like him, and given that this is Jim and Michelle’s show, it doesn’t make sense for him to appear as often as he does.

Overall, this third Pie film is an improvement on the second. It never reaches the heights of the original, but what third movie in a series ever lives up to the first?

Rating: C

Ugh. Just… ugh.

Where American Pie 2 was simply short on charm, this movie has absolutely none. At no point do I care if this wedding will go off without a hitch (which it obviously won’t, because duh), nor do I believe that these people actually know or care about each other. Everyone is obviously phoning it in, and it’s boring to watch.

The biggest problem with this movie is too much Stifler. He’s best in small doses, not as a main star. Obviously his role was expanded in this and the previous installment to take advantage of Seann William Scott’s popularity, but the film seems more about him than the bride and groom. Some of the funniest parts of AP and AP2 are when things go wrong for Jim because of his own awkward fumbling. Watching everything go wrong for him because of Stifler is just annoying.

There are also many other small problems that just make this whole affair unbelievable: Jim and Michelle have been dating for three years, yet he’s somehow never met her parents. Stifler is working as a high school coach, which given his borderline sociopathic tendencies is not totally surprising; I suppose he could definitely nail the interview. Jim’s bachelor party is the saddest, weirdest thing imaginable.

Suddenly the contrived dog humping scene seems totally plausible.

Rating: F

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